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Bolt 1.1 released.

We've released Bolt 1.1: The first major update for Bolt, after its initial release back in February. This release contains a lot of bigger and smaller improvements. We've updated the screenshots on both the frontpage , and the screenshots page, so if you're just curious about how it looks, take a look over there. 

To upgrade an existing install, or to setup a new one, just follow  the instructions . When you do an upgrade, you will not overwrite your modified settings with the upgrade. You should still make a backup before doing an upgrade, though. Get the latest  .tgz  or  .zip , or browse the folder with  the distributions .

Actually, when you update to the latest version, you'll notice that this is in fact version 1.1.2. Last weekend we packaged the release and were all ready to release 1.1.0, but we discovered two annoying bugs that we wanted to fix first. But, 1.1.0 was already uploaded to the distribution folder, so we had to bump the version number, to avoid confusion.

Changelog for this release:

name: Categories
singular name: Category
behaves like: categories
options: { kittens: 'cute kittens', ducklings: 'fluffy ducklings', molerats: 'Bald molerats' }

For version 1.2 we'll have a more compact list of changes. Check our roadmap to see what's planned. And as always: If you'd like to contribute and help us improve Bolt: Get in touch!

Published: Thursday 6 June - 11:45

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