You can install Bolt directly on a server, or by downloading a distribution file. Downloads for Bolt are available in two flavors: .zip and .tgz. If you'd rather use the command-line to set up Bolt, read this section in the documentation.

If you are having trouble setting up Bolt outside of the webroot, this page might help. If you're still having issues, you can download the latest version of Bolt packaged to work inside the webroot:

Latest release: 3.7.0. View the release notes in the Changelog.

Legacy beta releases

If your are looking for earlier or beta builds, these releases can be downloaded from the distribution download page.

Please note that the beta's are beta (...), so there might still be some unresolved issues. Have you found an issue in a pre-release version that is not yet reported on our GitHub page? Help us fix it by submitting an issue or forking it.

The latest Bolt 2.2 versions can be found here:

Installing or updating

Installing a new Bolt? See the section Setting up Bolt in the documentation for more information on the installation process.

Updating? See the section Updating Bolt in the documentation.

Try Bolt before downloading

On you can configure a Bolt site within seconds. It will be generated on the spot for you to play around with the front- and backend and see for yourself how it works. This temporary instance will be available to you for a few hours, enough to explore the new Bolt. Try bolt now!