As we explained in our last posting, we're working hard towards a stable version 1.0 of Bolt. Today we released the last version for testing purposes, before we're going to label Bolt "stable". In the time between 0.9.5 and this release, we've fixed a lot of issues, cleaned up and refactored the codebase and the way extensions work.

We also have a shiny new default theme that works well both on desktop screensizes as well as mobile. See the screenshots of the theme in [full size](/files/2013-02/Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.53.33 AM.png) and mobile resolution.

If you find any bugs or issues: please report them on our Github page, so we can fix them for the big "1.0 stable" release, that's scheduled for next week. Get the latest files from here, and read the docs on how to setup Bolt.

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