We've released Bolt 1.0.1 as a maintenance release. In the week between our first stable release and now, we've gotten a lot of feedback on Bolt, and we're flattered that most of it was positive.

This release fixes a few minor issues, most of which were identified by new users.

  • The context-menus on the dashboard and overview screens now have a 'view on site' option for published records.
  • Passwords are stored with extra encryption. We're using the PHPass library for password encryption, in which we've raised the amount of times that a password is encrypted, which significantly increases the time needed to brute-force passwords, in case somebody manages to get his/her hands on it.
  • None of the configuration files need to be writable to the webserver anymore. Before, Bolt would throw an error if the config files weren't writable. There's no real reason for this, so from now on, Bolt will work just as well, if the config files can't be modified by the webserver.
  • Changed the default locale from 'nl_NL' to 'en_GB'. Gekke Hollanders.
  • The SimpleForms extension now allows you to to set the subject of the notifications in the config.
  • The pagination in overview pages show the total amount of records: ![](/files/2013-02/pager (1).png?9cb10ae052)
  • Relations don't get confused anymore, when you have a field named 'label'.
  • Custom 'date' and 'datetime' fields now store the set dates properly.
  • Quotes in "filter" on overview pages in the backend are fixed.
  • And a few other, minor tweaks, fixes, and typo's were corrected.

To upgrade an existing install, or to setup a new one, just follow the instructions. When you do an upgrade, you will not overwrite your modified settings with the upgrade. You should still make a backup before doing an upgrade, though. Get the latest .tgz or .zip, or browse the folder with the distributions.

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