We've released Bolt 1.0.2 as a maintenance release. This release fixes a few minor quirks and nuisances, and sneaks in a few minor new features.

  • Feature: Bolt now automatically publishes 'Timed' records at the right time. Fixes #211.
  • Feature: Make sure usernames, email-addresses and displaynames are unique.
  • Feature: Added {<span>{ redirect() }</span>}-tag. Fixes #223.
  • Feature: Added order()-filter, to sort/order an array of records on a field.
  • Feature: Added {<span>{ showimage }</span>}-tag, analogous to the {<span>{ fancybox }</span>}-tag.
  • Feature: We Split 'nut database:check' into 'database:check' and 'database:repair'.
  • Fix: Handle multibyte strings better in TrimText. Fixes #214.
  • Fix: Don't change the slug, if it's already set.. Fixes #222.
  • Fix: Keep the correct order for taxonomies, as specified in taxonomy.yml. Fixes #208.
  • Fix: Don't return unpublished records for {<span>{ related() }<span>}.</span></span>
  • Fix: Make order consistently 'ORDER BY id', fixes #181.
  • Fix: Output the proper template, when no content could be found for 'listing' pages. Fixes #220.
  • Change: Made 'taxonomies' as link => value arrays.
  • Change: Since we use UTF-8 and HTML5, don't translate everything to HTML entities.

To upgrade an existing install, or to setup a new one, just follow the instructions. When you do an upgrade, you will not overwrite your modified settings with the upgrade. You should still make a backup before doing an upgrade, though. Get the latest .tgz or .zip, or browse the folder with the distributions.

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