While we're hard at work on Bolt 1.1, we've also just released Bolt 1.0.4 as an ongoing maintenance release for all current user of Bolt. This release includes some minor new features, together with some small fixes, issues and tweaks. Last week, we wrote about what's going to happen for the upcoming releases of Bolt, so you should catch up if you've missed it.

These is the changelog for Bolt 1.0.4. The numbers behind the items correspond with Github issue numbers.

  • New: "Clear cache" has it's own (simple) page now. Fixes #256.
  • New: Allow 'default_status' in contenttype. Fixes #284.
  • New: 'select' fields now support 'multiple: true'. Fixes #288.
  • New: Added an 'inbetween screen' for database check. Fixes #257.
  • Enhancement: Added a bunch of sanity checks for contenttypes. Fixes #285, fixes #286.
  • Enhancement: Working on simpleforms: mostly adding classes, to target individual fields with CSS.
  • Enhancement: The 'homepage' setting doesn't just match 'page/about', but also '/page/about'. Fixes #317.
  • Enhancement: Prevent "Flash of unstyled content" for debug bar.
  • Enhancement: Improved notice for magic_quotes.
  • Enhancement: Made menu description in header a bit more descriptive. Fixes #307.
  • Change: "Developer" and "Admin" users always have access to all of the contenttypes. Fixes #283.
  • Change: Added composer's new "prefer-stable" flag.
  • Fix: NiceUrls extension works properly again.
  • Fix: Bolt no longer adds html-snippets in content other than HTML (like XML or JSON).
  • Fix: Don't show titles/names twice in contentrow. Fixes #312.
  • Fix: Prevent slugs from ending with a '-'.
  • Fix: Allow disabling of users.
  • And some other, really minor fixes and changes.

To upgrade an existing install, or to setup a new one, just follow the instructions. When you do an upgrade, you will not overwrite your modified settings with the upgrade. You should still make a backup before doing an upgrade, though. Get the latest .tgz or .zip, or browse the folder with the distributions.

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