In the week-and-a-half since the release of Bolt 2.1.0, we've resolved some more issues, quirks and bugs that have been discovered. We've even managed to squeeze in a couple of smaller new features in this release, too! If you've bumped into any annoyances with 2.1.0, please upgrade to Bolt 2.1.3.

Changes in this release, since 2.1.0:

  • Added: Stop Finder from recursing common build folders and place a limit on the maximum depth it will recurse otherwise. (Thanks @Cooperaj, see #3069)
  • Fixed: Removing default taxonomylink route leads to exception (See #3070)
  • Fixed: Don't reset urls when adding base path. (See #3074)
  • Fixed: Whoops error when duplicating a record. (See #3064)
  • Fixed: Fixes broken extension installer (See #3086)
  • Fixed: Redirect for backend trailing slash redirect (/bolt -> /bolt/) (See #3083)
  • Fixed: Regression that errored on PHP < 5.3.6: Remove SplFileInfo::getExtension(). (See #3095)
  • Fixed: Extension theme installer working properly (see #3108, thanks @nikgo)
  • Fixed: Replacing &nbsp; with single space, instead of nothing. (See #3111)
  • Added: Added an option to delete a record, when editing it. (See #3134)
  • Fixed: Upload UX Improvements (Thanks, @Pinpickle, see #3123)
  • Removed: removed "frontend permission checks". (#see 3133)
  • Fixed: Prevent extra spaces in excerpts. (See #3130)
  • Fixed: Show notice on update of Bolt. (See #3129)
  • Fixed: Make dashboard activity log autoupdate again (see #3126)
  • Added: Make the sanitisation of markdown fields configurable. (see #2992 #3142)
  • Fixed: Fixed z-index of sidebar. (See #3100)
  • Fixed: Disable "revert" button on 'edit file' screen, when file is not wrtiable. (See #3009)
  • Added: Allow for multiple (fallback) locales in config.yml. (Thanks @sintemaa, see #3127)
  • Fixed: Warning for unsaved content comes up when nothing has been changed (see #3077)
  • Fixed: Be a little more strict in picking 'selected' options: Only use the fallback, if there's no valid id set.
  • Change: Lock composer.json to Symfony 2.6.4 as 2.6.5 fails PHPUnit
  • Added: Re-added standalone jQuery lib, as some extensions might need it.
  • Fixed: Workaround, so we don't break on installations with "require": [] in extensions/composer.json (see #3171)
  • For a full list of changes, see the Changelog on GitHub

To install this version from scratch, follow the instructions on the updated installation page in the documentation, as can be found here: Installing Bolt. To upgrade an existing site, see Updating. Be sure to get the correct versions, though: bolt-latest.tar.gz or

For the lazy:

curl -O
tar -xzf bolt-latest.tar.gz --strip-components=1
chmod -R 777 files/ app/database/ app/cache/ app/config/ theme/ extensions/
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