We've just released Bolt 2.2.14 as an ongoing maintenance release. This update contains a few minor new features and bugfixes. There are no security-related issues in this release.

Detailed changes since Bolt 2.2.13

  • Updated: Symfony components updated to 2.6.12
  • Fixed: Determine web profiler location using Extension rather than bundle (See #4432)
  • Fixed: No scrolling panes on "View Users" page. (See #4438)
  • Fixed: Limit user agent strings to 128 characters on persist. (See #4413)
  • Fixed: Make 'required' for type: select fields work. (See: #4420)
  • Fixed: Fix alt and title tags for popup & showimage, height/width for showImage (See #4231)
  • Fixed: Replace for for better supported unicode on Android. (see #4388)
  • Regex that insert snippets not working when does not starts the line. #4367
  • Changed: Set composer/composer to dev stability. (See #4345)
  • Fixed: Fixed priority issue in assets (See #4343)
  • Fixed: Fixing reordering images in an ImageList. (See #3573)
  • Fixed: Retrieve existing relations before setting them from POST. Fixes "No related entries on preview" issue. (See #4340)
  • Fixed: Handle save status transition (See #4326)
  • Added: Allow the notfound: status to point to a static template, instead of a contenttype record.
  • Fixed: Don't insert Bolt meta tags on AJAX requests (See #4297)
  • Fixed: Put correct cannonical link into html head on paging content request
  • Fixed: Increase z-index, so popups cover output.

Install & Upgrade

To install this version from scratch, follow the instructions on the updated installation page in the documentation, as can be found here: Installing Bolt. To upgrade an existing site, see Updating. Be sure to get the correct versions, though: bolt-latest.tar.gz or bolt-latest.zip.

For the lazy:

curl -O http://bolt.cm/distribution/bolt-latest.tar.gz
tar -xzf bolt-latest.tar.gz --strip-components=1
chmod -R 777 files/ app/database/ app/cache/ app/config/ theme/ extensions/
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