Just in time for the new year, we have released Bolt 2.2.15 as an ongoing maintenance release. This update contains a few minor new features and bugfixes. One of these (4610) is a very minor security-related issue.

Edit We've fixed a few other minor things, and bumped the version number to 2.2.16. Happy new year!

Detailed changes since Bolt 2.2.14

  • Fixed: Exception is no longer thrown when editing an empty config file or template. (See #4636)
  • Added: Add custom sidebar groups for contenttypes. (Backport of #3793)
  • Fixed: Don't re-sort taxonomy listing pages, if the taxonomy has has_sortorder (See #4601)
  • Fixed: Add JSON to list of denied file types for Apache (See #4610) [security]
  • Fixed: Fix/more spinners and missing icons (See #4573)
  • Fixed: Sidebar Height Resize Issue (See #4573)
  • Fixed: Fix preview unpublished content (See #4544)

Added in Bolt 2.2.16:

  • Change: Updating .gitignore. Add PHPstorm cruft. (See #4621)
  • Change: Themes use theme.yml now, fallback to old config.yml (See #4414)
  • Fixed: Fixed a 'Catchable Error' in the record.twig template for the old 'default' theme (#4645)
  • Updated: A few Bower / Grunt modules were updated, and all JS / CSS rebuilt (See #4647)

Install & Upgrade

To install this version from scratch, follow the instructions on the updated installation page in the documentation, as can be found here: Installing Bolt. To upgrade an existing site, see Updating. Be sure to get the correct versions, though: bolt-latest.tar.gz or bolt-latest.zip.

For the lazy:

curl -O http://bolt.cm/distribution/bolt-latest.tar.gz
tar -xzf bolt-latest.tar.gz --strip-components=1
chmod -R 777 files/ app/database/ app/cache/ app/config/ theme/ extensions/
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