We've released Bolt 3.3.5 as a regular maintenance release for all Bolt users. In the (nearly) two months since Bolt 3.3.0, we've released a number of minor updates that resolves a wide range of bugs and adds minor features. This release contains no security-related fixes.

Update: We've discovered a bug in 3.3.4, related to using type: select fields without an explicitly set order. If you're having issues with that, please update to 3.3.5. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Detailed changes for this release can be found in the Changelog.

Bolt 3.3.5

Released 2017-09-25. Notable changes:

  • Fixed: Loose compare order parameter as it can't be empty. Fixes breakage in FieldType Select without explicit ordering. #7021 #7019
  • Tests: Added coverage for \Bolt\Storage\Query\Directive\OrderDirective. #7022

Bolt 3.3.4

Released 2017-09-22. Notable changes:

  • Added: Add is_numerical check to Taxonomy selection. #7010
  • Added: Add roave/security-advisories to require-dev #6962
  • Added: Add CII badge #6963
  • Added: Add inline variant to textarea field #6983
  • Added: Added CSS to known extensions for files directory #6964
  • Added: Support DBAL 2.6 #6940
  • Change: [GitHub] Re-prioritise the issue template slightly #6967
  • Change: Performance micro tweaks & tidies #6958
  • Change: Refactor fields trait to extend the type service with new fields #6954
  • Change: Update messages.cs_CZ.yml #6971
  • Change: Yarn 1.0 — Burn NPM, burn #6986
  • Fixed: [GitHub] Page-jumps in the contributing guide #6990
  • Fixed: [Security] Use a prepared statement for group_concat_max_len query #6984
  • Fixed: Add FileMatcher to repeater context #6980
  • Fixed: Additional schema change updates. (DBAL related) #6966
  • Fixed: Broken links, add links to changelog.md. #6975
  • Fixed: Don't try to use empty array, and only use objects as objects #6959
  • Fixed: Fix AJAX detection logic in snippet listener. Prevents Meta tags sneaking in on Ajaxy requests. #6993
  • Fixed: Fix linking for files in CKEditor #6976
  • Fixed: Fixes regex warnings on Windows when a directory name starts with a 'p' #6950
  • Fixed: Group Concat settings in config.yml #6978
  • Fixed: Handle mismatch between type & column names for json_array to json #6981
  • Fixed: More fixes for DBAL 2.5 => 2.6 update. #7000
  • Fixed: Pass boolean string as boolean to YamlUpdater #6988
  • Fixed: Pass in the default orderby to a filter on the select fieldtype #7011
  • Fixed: PermissionParser is not handling UTF-8 properly #7017
  • Fixed: Taxonomies shown correctly as 'selected'. Fixes: Taxonomies get saved as 'slugs', but not checked as such in the editor. #6995

Bolt 3.3.3

Released 2017-08-27. Notable changes:

  • Change: Allow definition lists, figure and figcaption to allowed HTML tags #6910 #6945
  • Change: Catch exceptions better, don't break layout. #6935
  • Change: Drop use of "sortable" as it is only used in Twig. Note: this change is for consistency and clarity. You can still use sorting on type: select fields. #6943
  • Change: Fixate Doctrine/DBAL on 2.5.x, for Bolt 3.2.x #6944
  • Change: Remove .idea, .project, .sublime from our git ignores, as they should be in the global ignore instead. #6918
  • Change: Set maximum PHP version to be < 7.2 #6912
  • Fixed: Don't show empty 'Taxonomies' tab. #6932
  • Fixed: Filtered choice now works for other ContentTypes, and not just 'pages'. #6941
  • Fixed: Fix caching of schema tables and prevent multiple builds per-request #6942
  • Fixed: Fix Systemlog Filter by Context extension. #6927
  • Fixed: Use followLinks() on Finder. #6934

Bolt 3.3.2

Released 2017-08-17. Notable changes:

  • Change: Prevent install of PHP 7.2. Support for PHP 7.2 will land in 3.4
  • Change: Better handling & reporting of extension page failures #6883
  • Fixed: Incorrect formatting of dates & times according to locale #6907
  • Fixed: Restore support for sorting in ContentType Selects #6878
  • Fixed: Show singular name instead of ContentType slug #6876
  • Fixed: Template tab always showing when enabled on only one ContentType #6869
  • Fixed: Timed records not being published/unpublished #6906
  • Tests: Check correct sorting gets applied #6879
  • Update: Re-generate translation files #6889
  • Update: Update requirement of bolt/collection to v1.1 #6885

Bolt 3.3.1

Released 2017-07-30. Notable changes:

  • Fixed: Fix for select fields in repeaters #6865

Installation & Upgrade

To install this version from scratch, follow the instructions on the updated installation page in the documentation, as can be found here: Installing Bolt.

To upgrade an existing site, run composer update, or see Updating. Be sure to get the correct versions, though: bolt-latest.tar.gz or bolt-latest.zip.

If you need the version with all files inside the web root, grab bolt-latest-flat-structure.tar.gz or bolt-latest-flat-structure.zip.

To do a 15-second install, use the following:

curl -O https://bolt.cm/distribution/bolt-latest.tar.gz
tar -xzf bolt-latest.tar.gz --strip-components=1
php app/nut init

If you have any questions or remarks, post a comment below, or join us on Slack or IRC.

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