In the two weeks since the first Bolt 3 beta, we've been fixing most of the bugs and issues that were reported by people testing out the new release. To keep the momentum going, we've just released Bolt 3 beta 2.

Update: We've fixed a small bug in our packaging script. If you used the .zip or .tgz to update from beta 1 to beta 2, your config files might've been overwritten. This bug has been fixed, and we've uploaded new packages, so this won't happen anymore. (Note: This was only for archive installs, git & Composer installs are unaffected)

A list of the resolved issues and their respective fixes, can be found in the Changelog.

  • Fixed: Extend services… and actually return the service #5089
  • Fixed: Loop inside the closure #5090
  • Fixed: Some minor Theme fixes. #5092
  • Fixed: Setting the lang attribute of the <html> tag. #5096
  • Fixed: Fix overwriting of key variable for repeating field metadata #5099
  • Fixed: Don't return nbsp in ImageHandler #5100
  • Fixed: Setting the lang attribute of the <html> tag. #5096
  • Fixed: Removing default and base-2014 themes. Only base-2016 should stay. #5093
  • Fixed: Hotfix storage trait #5106
  • Fixed: Suggestion for better text in case the 'about-us' block is missing. #5116
  • Fixed: Improve Select Queries Across Joins #5128
  • Fixed: Fix named templatefields without burning the whole thing down 🚒 #5127
  • Fixed: Clarify the _sub_fields.twig defaults file. #5120
  • Fixed: Update Composer version constraint for stable version #5129
  • Fixed: Migrate password hash on login #5132
  • Fixed: Fix for #5009 – Can't delete a record from dashboard listing #5131
  • Fixed: Fix contenttype listing blocks #5133
  • Fixed: Prefix branding path with root URL #5136
  • Fixed: Fix domain cookie value with http port #5115
  • Fixed: Properly check if templatefields are still present. #5139
  • Fixed: Don't dump() unless logged on, or debug_show_loggedoff is set. #5138
  • Fixed: Prioritise HTTP_HOST over SERVER_NAME #5140
  • Fixed: Fix Upload Button for Templatefields #5141
  • Fixed: Assets… Remove outdated v2 functionality #5144
  • Fixed: Theme improvements #5145
  • Fixed: Base 2016/minor tweaks #5148
  • Fixed: Updating theme.yml #5149

For instructions on on how to install, please check the documentation. Or, just run the following commands, to get a quick start:

curl -O
tar -xzf bolt-3.0.0-beta2.tar.gz --strip-components=1

For manual installations, get the distribution files here: bolt-3.0.0-beta2.tar.gz or

Please help us by testing this release, and reporting found issues in our Issue Tracker, as we progress to a Bolt 3 stable relea

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