In the two weeks since the second Bolt 3 beta, we've been fixing most of the bugs and issues that were reported by people testing out the new release. To keep the momentum going, we've just released Bolt 3 beta 3.

Note: If you're having trouble setting up this release outside of the 'webroot', please read this new page, where we've compiled some workarounds, as well as background on the 'why'. See: Troubleshooting 'Outside of the web root'

A list of the resolved issues and their respective fixes, can be found in the Changelog.

  • Added: Add omnisearch test #5203
  • Change: Change the 'About' link in the profiler to a slightly more useful 'Dashboard' link. #5174
  • Change: Move "Possible field types" in config.yml #5176
  • Change: Put the 'template select' in the "Template" tab, where it makes most sense #5160
  • Change: Rename chapter taxonomy example to group #5169
  • Change: Set session.save_path to a hidden directory, to persist after flush #5154
  • Change: Show better log message for "failed login attempt". #5177
  • Change: Updating base-2016 dependencies #5175
  • Change: Various theme improvements #5189
  • Deprecation: Remove livereload settings from config.yml and _page.twig #5166
  • Deprecation: Remove number from contenttypes.yml #5167
  • Fixed: A few issues regarding database constraints. #5207, #5219, #5224
  • Fixed: Adding missing .control-label class to fields, markdown, image, imagelist and textarea #5200
  • Fixed: Bad default values for list types #5221
  • Fixed: Don't re-fetch record on preview #5151
  • Fixed: Don't throw a fatal exception on missing table #5223
  • Fixed: Fix default value for select contenttype #5187
  • Fixed: Fix for recursive join bug in repeaters #5216
  • Fixed: JS Fix for imagelists in templatefields #5188
  • Fixed: Look for template files in deeper folders. #5217
  • Fixed: Only force enabling user entity on first user creation #5208
  • Fixed: Reset moved ckeditor instances in repeaters #5171
  • Fixed: Show folders in ck_files template #5147
  • Fixed: Strip tags from useragent. (minor security issue) #5178
  • Fixed: Temporary hack to get the permission name associated with the route #5202
  • Fixed: Use right syntax for Omnisearch templates #5192
  • Travis: Composer install testing #5150

For instructions on on how to install, please check the documentation. Or, just run the following commands, to get a quick start:

curl -O
tar -xzf bolt-3.0.0-beta3.tar.gz --strip-components=1

For manual installations, get the distribution files here: bolt-3.0.0-beta3.tar.gz or

Please help us by testing this release, and reporting found issues in our Issue Tracker, as we progress to a Bolt 3 stable release.

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