In October we’ll have the second edition of our code-sprint Boltcamp. We will be going to Vlieland again, to get together and work on improving Bolt. Some of the things we’ll be working on:

  • We’ll work on bugs and issues, that have been reported in our issue tracker.
  • By the time we’re having Boltcamp, Bolt 2.0 final should be out already. If it isn’t we’ll make a push towards tackling whatever issues might’ve prevented the release.
  • Since we’ll be together in the same place, this is a good opportunity to discuss the roadmap going forwards. What should we do for 2.1 and 3.0 ?
  • Sometimes people tell us “Yeah, I’d like to help out, but I’m not really sure how to get started”. If there’s interest, we’ll have a session in which we explain the basics of Git, Github and in particular how to fork Bolt and how to get your improvements back into the main codebase. We can do this live, or via screensharing using Skype.
  • I’ll be happy to give people a guided tour through the source code of Bolt. I can show how things are structured and organised, and how to find something if you’re looking for a particular bit of code. Like the previous point, we can do this in person or via screensharing.
  • In 2.0 we will introduce the Extensions marketplace, making it easy to create your own extensions and themes for others to download. Of course, we’d also be happy to show you to get started creating extensions, and how to test them, before submitting them to the Bolt Extensions website.
  • We’ll be working on extra themes and/or extensions of our own.
  • Maybe we'll even get to see some parts of the island. :-)

Boltcamp will be from 17-19 october, in the same spot as the last time: on the beautiful island of Vlieland. The biggest camping area on Vlieland, Camping Stortemelk, is closed during off-season, but they’ve graciously allowed us to stay in the employee housing. We’ll have a roof over our head, places to sleep, internet/wifi and showers and other facilities. If you’re reading this, and you think “Yeah, that sounds like fun”, please get in touch, because we have room for some more people. Our stay at the location is free, but travel and food will be at your own expense. Hopefully we’ll find a sponsor who’ll donate a few crates of beer, as well. *hint* *hint*

If you’d like to join in, but won’t be able to make the trip to Vlieland, you can always join in on our IRC channel or one of the screensharing sessions. There's plenty to do for people in a lot of different areas, so don't hesitate, even if you're not a PHP rockstar. We could always use help with improving the documentation, or you could work on an extra theme for others to use.

We will be online on backchannel on IRC (#boltcms on Freenode) where you can drop in to ask Bolt-related questions. Or just to say hi. Also Keep an eye on our Twitter-account @boltcm for last-minute details!

During the next few weeks, we’ll post more news and interesting tidbits.

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