After Bolt 1.6.0 was released we were notified of some quirks issues that affected mainly users on Internet Explorer 8 and 9, and an issue related to "pick an image from the server" on other browsers. If you experienced issues with uploading/selecting images in Bolt 1.6.0, you should update to the latest version, and you're good to go!

For more information about updating (and release 1.6 in general), please see the post about the Bolt 1.6.0 release.

Changes in this release:

  • Allowing IE8/IE9 to upload images, instead of breaking on "allowed filetypes" Fixes #1188. - 2014-05-15, bobdenotter (c3ebe61)
  • Hopefully fixing the Stack-issue. See #1207, #1204 - 2014-05-20, bobdenotter (5cf2697)
  • Bumping version to 1.6.2 - 2014-05-20, bobdenotter (59d4cd6)
  • Moved stopwatch and extension initialization. Resolves #1193 - 2014-05-18, Kristian Kriehl (f0e9366)
  • Switching Parsedown from "dev" to "stable" version. - 2014-05-16, bobdenotter (a6dfd72)
  • Added Modernizr, for IE 8 / IE 9. - 2014-05-16, bobdenotter (7ba319f)
  • Fix for IE 8/9 and other browsers: Only initialize Stack, if Stack is Present. Fixes bug where making 'internal links' was broken. See #1207, #1204 - 2014-05-15, bobdenotter (ca0bb0c)
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