We've released Bolt 2.0.6 as part of ongoing maintenance and support. It contains a couple of nice fixes and improvements. Particularly:

  • Bolt would store a lot of files in the app/cache-folder that were very deeply nested in folders. While this causes no problems by itself, there was no need to create so many folders. As of this release the amount of folders created is limited to 2 deep.
  • We've changed and improved the way type: select field work: You now have more fine-grained control of what's shown in the select-box on screen (for the editors) as well as what's stored under water (for the developers). See the Howto page on Getting the most out of the ‘Select’ fieldtype for details.

Improvements and changes

  • Fixed: Long conttenttype names are truncated properly in the sidebar now. (See #2513)
  • Fixed: Don't leak Database credentials on connection error during set up. (See #2538)
  • Fixed: Corner case bug in password reset (See #2617)
  • Fixed: Small logic fix for 'groupingSort'. (See #2520)
  • Fixed: Nest folders in cache 2 deep. (See #2644)
  • Fixed: Arrays in type:select fields. (#2609)
  • Added: Allow for 'keys: slug' in 'type: select' fields, to customize the used field that's actually stored in the DB. (#2597)
  • Fixed: Fix filebrowser route binding name to be 'filebrowser' (See #2680)
  • Fixed: Regression that would break the ability to set global Twig variables in an extension (See #2717)

To upgrade an existing install, or to setup a new one, just follow the instructions for installation or for updating. When you do an upgrade, you will not overwrite your modified settings with the upgrade. You should still make a backup before doing an upgrade, though. Get the latest .tgz or .zip, or browse the folder with the distributions. After the upgrade you will be prompted to update the Database, or you can just use php app/nut database:update from the command line.

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