From tomorrow until sunday we'll be working on some of the features of the upcoming Bolt 2.0. We'll go to the lovely island of Vlieland, where we will be able to get a lot of stuff done. See our earlier post on this for details: Bolt sprint in january (or 'Boltcamp 2014').

If you'd like, you can join us remotely, to help hack away at the Bolt codebase. On the following page you'll find much more info on some of the things we'll be working on. Things like:

  • The refactored Bolt backend
  • The Marketplace to install and update extensions and themes
  • More and better documentation
  • Various open github issues (bugs and features alike)
  • A new default theme for the frontend of Bolt sites.

If you'd like to join in on the hacking-fun, feel free to get in touch. There's plenty to do for people in a lot of different areas, so don't hesitate if you're not a PHP rockstar. We could also give a crash-course on how to make a pull-request on Github, for example.

We will set up a backchannel on IRC or Google Hangout or whatever (if you have any suggestions, let us know), where you drop in to ask Bolt-related questions. Or just to say hi. Keep an eye on our Twitter-account @boltcm, for last-minute details!

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