Over the past few years, we've seen a lot of feature-requests for Bolt. A lot of really good suggestions, as well as some that aren't possible or that just wouldn't be a good fit for a project like Bolt.

Even with all the good suggestions, we simply cannot add them all, for a number of reasons:

  • There's only so many hours in a day, and our resources aren't unlimited
  • A new feature will not just require implementation. It'll also mean we need to support it, document it, and do maintenance on it. We cannot spread ourselves too thin, because it would mean the quality of other aspects of Bolt would decrease, and that just will not do.
  • Some features are better suited as extensions.
  • Sometimes there simply isn't a single The Correct Way™ to implement a new feature. Even if we'd add them to the Bolt core, it wouldn't solve everybody's needs, because they'd needed it in a different way.

Everytime I tell someone about Bolt 3, they are usually enthusiastic about the features that are coming, but it's often followed by an implicit "but did you include [x]?". We're going to be talking about the nice things that are coming in Bolt 3 in the upcoming posts, but right now I'm going to detail some of the stuff that's not in Bolt 3. To crush your dreams help manage expectations, and to explain how we're going forward on these things.

Here are some of the things that won't be in Bolt 3, but are requested often:

Built-in multilingual features

The problem here is, that there's so many ways to do multilingual, and nobody agrees on what the best way is. If you're in need of multilingual, there are a few extensions to help you out, like Labels and Translate. We also have a Howto guide in the docs. All three of these will be updated for Bolt 3, in the upcoming weeks.

Redesigned backend

We've made improvements to the backend, but there is no completely redesigned backend. We did however make everything look a bit cleaner, properly spaced out and more consistent. We'll do a full makeover later this year, when Bootstrap 4 is released.

Hierarchical content

I personally feel that there's hardly ever a need for "hierarchical content". If you say you need it, it is my opinion that you should think about adding proper structure to your content. Perhaps you'd need to split it up in two or more ContentTypes? Maybe you should add some taxonomies to categorize the data? Regardless, this is also something that's hard to do right, so for now we're not going to do a half-assed implementation of this.

Free puppies

Wanting to rescue a pet is great! Go to your local shelter, and adopt a pet from them. We're not the best qualified people to handle this for you. This also includes "No free kittens, bunnies or other cute pets", by the way.

The future

So, how are we going to address these issues in Bolt 3 and beyond?

First and foremost: The Bolt core is much, much cleaner and extensible than it was before. We've also refactored the Extensions code, so extensions can do/add/change more functionality now. Other than that, we're always listening to what the community is asking for. Just because we might not pick up on something immediately, that doesn't mean we're not keeping it in the back of our heads as something we need to invest in, at some point in time.

Finally, we are going to need additional help from the community on this. If you're in need of a specific feature, and you know PHP, you are more than welcome to help us build it. If you're a frontend developer, that doesn't mean you can't help. We always need more high quality themes for others to use.

If you want to be a part of the community, join our IRC, Slack and forum. There are always new people coming in, that you could help by answering some questions that people have.

On Friday we'll continue this series with something that did make the cut! :-)

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