As you might know, we've been working very hard on Bolt 3.0 for a while now. We are getting pretty close to releasing a few 'public betas' soon, with the official '3.0.0' to follow shortly after that.

A lot has changed in Bolt 3, both under-the-hood as well as from a visual perspective and there are quite a few new features too. Starting right now, we'll publish two short articles on this website every week, in which we detail one or two of the improvements that are coming very soon. We are very excited about all the new things and the big improvements, and we're sure you will be too.

Some of the topics we will be addressing in these posts are:

  • Why did we decide to refactor many things? (SRP, testability, extensibility, etc)
  • The new Storage layer
  • Bolt's new Extensions structure and Web Asset queues
  • What are Repeater fields, and how awesome are they?
  • The Backend UI refresh
  • Bolt 3 allows for Widgets, both in templates and extensions
  • Refactored sessions
  • Improved tests / code coverage
  • Improved Javascipt backend code
  • Bolt will have a new "tinker-friendly" base theme
  • The documentation gets a major overhaul
  • New controller & routing layer

As mentioned, we'll post these twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, starting right now. We'll also announce the definitive date for the first public beta very soon.

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