Originally we had planned to release version 1.0 somewhere in january, but we decided to take a few weeks extra. The main reason for this, is that we felt the need to do some structural changes to the code of the Bolt application. In short: we're refactoring things, and this requires us to take some time to iron out the quirks that are inevitable when you do things like that.

The result of these changes will be that Bolt will be better structured and the code will be easier to comprehend and maintain. Extensions will be more flexible, and we're also making the basis for easier updating and installing extensions from within Bolt or from the command line. While I'm personally a bit annoyed that this will make us miss our initial goal of a 'stable' release in january, we still feel this is for the better: If we don't these changes now, we'd have to break backwards compatibility immediately after the release of 1.0, and we don't want to do that.

In short, what we're going to do is this:

  • Release an updated version, before we introduce the changes in the core. (This has been done. The 'latest.zip' is now version 0.9.5. More on that later)
  • Make the required changes in the code. (This has been started already)
  • Take three weeks to iron out the kinks, and finish the last parts of functionality, according to our roadmap
  • That said: this weekend, we're going to make a definitive list (on our Github tracker) of the things that need to be done for 1.0, and the things that will be added later.
  • At the beginning of february we will release an RC, for final testing.
  • About a week later we'll release Bolt 1.0 final.

See the updated Roadmap for details.

In the meantime, please help us test the current release, and report back on issues that you might find. If you'd like to help coding or writing documentation: See our tracker on what needs to be done, and feel free to get in touch, if you'd like to get help on how to get started!

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