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There are many ways to contribute. Here's what you can do:

Use and promote

Start building and spread the word.

  • Use Bolt 4 for your next website or customer
  • Use your network to promote Bolt 4
  • We’re pretty active on Twitter. Follow us, or say hello at @BoltCMS

Join our community

Donate your time and knowledge to help making Bolt even better! Take a look at our roadmap to see what you can do. Go to our community page to see how you can get invited for our Slack channel or join us on Github. 

Join our community


Yes, Bolt is for free. But we still need to pay for things. Like the hosting of this site. Or travel costs whenever we give a lecture or a presentation. Or simply internet connection and electricity when we are online to help you. Just like everybody else.

Even though they create wonderful things, developers are not considered to be artists. (Which is a shame, by the way.) So
unlike almost any YouTuber you might have come across, there is no Patreon account. There is no kickstarter either, because we are not exactly a startup anymore.

But we do have a special place on Github where you can sponsor us.  So go on and buy us a symbolic coffee! Or beer. Depending on which day of the week it is ;) 


Have another brilliant idea? Let us know!

Without these contributers it wouldn't be possible