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Basic set-up

We wanted to keep the Bolt install clean. No clutter. No overload of ready to go extensions to choose from that are almost what you or your client are looking for…

But of course we do have a selection of extensions already made by others.

Check out the library

Make your own extensions...

By using Symfony and Twig, we made sure any developer can create a custom made extension which is exactly what you or your client is looking for.
So get your hands dirty and start creating!

Got stuck? Ask our community!

Bolt community

...or ask others to do it for you.

Don’t have the knowledge, an inhouse developer or the time?
Feel free to contact Two Kings.

Bolt & Two Kings

For those of you who already work with Bolt, you probably know that the founder of the Dutch webdesign company Two Kings and the initiator of Bolt are one and the same: Bob den Otter.

And yes, of course, Two Kings creates websites, custom made extensions and apps in Bolt. And get paid for it.
But the Two Kings developers and designers also contribute to the development of Bolt. For free. Just because they love working with it. Because they get direct feedback from their customers. And want to use that knowledge to keep improving Bolt. To make it the most customer friendly CMS ever.

Which makes Two Kings the biggest sponsor of Bolt.