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Powerful ContentTypes

Bolt structures all content in ContentTypes: a content type defines the structure of your website content, for instance News, Pages, Blog Posts, Testimonials and Sections are all examples of a ContentType.

What makes them so cool is how ridiculously easy it is to define them: all ContentTypes are defined in YAML format in the contenttypes.yaml file.

By adding the pages content type to your configuration, Bolt will:

  1. include the content type to the Editor (admin area) of the website
  2. allow editors to create, edit and delete pages
  3. display all published pages to your website.

Best rich content editors for free

Redactor & Article: the _best_ rich text editors, fully licensed for use in Bolt itself. For free.
Why? Because we believe editing content should be easy. You, as a content editor, should be provided with as much freedom as possible to adapt your pages yourself. No technical knowledge required. Have a campaign? Drag, embed and play with the content. Add content blocks you need. Life can be so simple.

Built-in internationalisation

By adding just one line to our content type, Bolt will make your pages translatable.

The even cooler thing? You have field-level control over what is translated and what is not. For example, the page heading can be translated, whilst the photo will stay the same across languages.

Want to see which fields are translated across languages and which not? No problem. Bolt’s got you covered.

Search functionality included

Bolt's backend comes with a simple but efficient content filtering. Just type (part of) the word you're looking for in the search field, and you'll see all content that contains that term.

20 field types (+ dynamic collections of fields)

By default, the CMS comes with all the standard field types you’d expect, such as text, date, file, image, markdown, select and others.

In addition, Bolt supports natively the following field types:

  1. Filelist & Imagelist: easy way to allow editors to attach multiple files and images.
  2. Collections: a grouping of fields. Adding dynamic number of fields is as easy as pressing a button in the Editor. For example, you can define a collection of members on your Team page and allow content editors to add multiple people with their name, image and position. Editors can add, delete, and re-order collection items with a click of a button!
  3. Templateselect: allow editors to select the Twig template that will be used to display the page.

What is a Twig template? See right below!

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