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Services and Support

Combine the open source community spirit and business quality support

Expert support and advice from Bolt's founder and the core development team

Consulting services

Plan for the worst, hope for the best: architecture design

There are countless ways to implement a feature for your Bolt platform. You love working with Bolt for a reason, so why not pick our brains to solve the puzzle facing your own project?

Never too late to think security: professional audit

An independent expert review from the creators and core developers of Bolt points out potential vulnerabilities & improvements for security, usability and maintainability.

Get in touch

Work with the core team

Get in touch with Bob den Otter, Bolt's creator

Have a conversation over coffee with Bob, Bolt's creator, and save weeks and months of development effort. The core development team works on Bolt and client websites every day (really!), it's what we do for a living. Want to know how we approach building Bolt client sites that our customers love?

☕️ Grab a coffee and send us that email at, or ping us on Slack!

Service Level Agreements

The final part of the puzzle: make sure your site is maintained and improved over time. With an SLA and dedicated account manager, your project will stay up-to-date and in tact with the latest developments in the Bolt ecosystem.

Connect your business processes: third-party integrations

Over the years, we've integrated Bolt with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Adlib and many other third-party platforms. The core team has expertise feeding content into Bolt as well as collecting and sending leads from forms on the website to enterprise and custom CRMs. We have built smooth workflows and fully-fleshed out integrations that just work.

Solve your toughest projects: extension development & custom functionality

What better option to build a custom extension than with help from the man who created the concept of Bolt extensions himself? Bob has worked with non-technical clients to build custom functionality, as well as assisted agencies with bespoke development for their clients.

Contact the core team