Releasing the Bolt 3 to Bolt 5 upgrade guide |

Releasing the Bolt 3 to Bolt 5 upgrade guide

Hi there, Bolt Community 👋

At the end of August 2021, Bolt 5 was released. We are all very delighted with the adoption rate and the positive feedback you give us. From the Core Team to our community, a big thank you for helping us successfully release a new major version of your favourite CMS.

A lot of you have asked us for more support in the upgrade process from Bolt 3. We've heard you. To facilitate smoother upgrades for you and your clients, the Core team is now releasing a blueprint for upgrading a Bolt 3 site to Bolt 5

The upgrade blueprint answers your questions about upgrading major Bolt versions.

But of course we will also continue to offer support and answer your questions on our Slack channel.

Happy building 🛠

Published on October 19, 2021