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Bolt 5.1.24 released


🐛 Bug fixes

Releasing the Bolt 3 to Bolt 5 upgrade guide

Written by Ivo on October 19, 2021

Hi there, Bolt Community 👋 At the end of August 2021, Bolt 5 was released. We are all very delighted with the adoption rate and the positive feedback you give us. From the Core Team to our community, a big thank you for helping us successfully release a new major version of your…

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🥳 🎁 Bolt 5 has been released

Written by Ivo on August 30, 2021

Hi there, Bolt community ☕️ We're excited to bring to you the news of the major Bolt 5 release today, 30 August 2021. In March of this year, we announced that the Core team is making progress towards a new major release. A little under two months ago, the major announcements&nbs…

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🚀 Bolt 4.2 released

Written by Ivo on July 27, 2021

According to your announcement earlier this month, we have released Bolt 4.2 as the intermediary release prior to the big 5.0 coming out. Since we follow the best practices of semantic versioning, updating from Bolt 4.0.x or 4.1.x to Bolt 4.2 will work just as usual. Additi…

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🚨 Major announcements Bolt 3 EOL, Bolt 4.2 & 5.0 releases

Written by Ivo on July 09, 2021

Hi there, Bolt community ☕️ Over the past year, we have seen very good adoption rates of Bolt 4 and an increasing number of contributions to the Bolt codebase. Thank you for your continuing support of open source! Our hard work as a community over this time has paid off, we are…

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Join our monthly community meeting on Tuesday 13 April

Written by Ivo on April 08, 2021

Live Bolt catch-up this Tuesday 13 April Hi there, Bolt community ☕️ We're hosting a live conversation this Tuesday 13 April at 20:00 CET. Bob will talk about our recent work, we'll discuss the new features coming up from our community, and probably chat over a glass of beer or…

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🚀 Big Announcement: Bolt 5.0 on the horizon

Written by Ivo on March 01, 2021

Hi there Bolt Community ☕️ Our community's outstanding contributions It has been close to 6 months since Bolt's complete rebuild was released, and oh boy, what a journey it has been! In that short amount of time, the core team has accepted over 320 Pull Requests in our main open…

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